• Common Welder certification Scheme (CWCS) based on ISO9606-1:2012, Qualification testing of welders – Fusion Steels Part 1: Steels
  • The Malaysian Welding & Joining Society (MWJS) is a member of the Asian Welding Federation (AWF) and is actively participating in the first Asia-Wide project of welder qualification tests as prescribed in the ISO 9606-1, the latest edition (2012) of the standard.
  • The Common Welder Certification Scheme (CWCS) incorporates a Quality System that describes process and procedures for welding examiners, weld testers, welding test centres, auditors of welding test centres to ensure that the welders are qualified to the requirements of ISO 9606-1, edition 2012.
  • Welders qualified under CWCS are registered with an on-line database and their welding employment record is monitored for needed in re-qualification requirements as needed in skills certification
  • Employers of welders can address the database following the CWCS protocol developed to recruit welders that they need from the perspective of welding process, steel geometry, type of weld, welding positions and other essential variables described in the respective qualifications
  • With the Asia-Wide common welder qualification based on ISO standard, welders have better prospects for employment in the Asian region


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