1. The society is aimed at maintaining and advancing materials and welding engineering, bonding and testing techniques as well as related processes in the field of training and development, especially providing a well-ordered and modern education of all personnel in business and industry that is using welding, joining, destructive and non-destructive techniques.
  2. The society will carry out all its activities on a non-profit basis. For accomplishing this visions the society shall practice as:-
    • An institution for training, auditing and qualification of welding supervisor personnel, welders and specialist staff for related joining methods;
    • An institution for destructive and non-destructive testing;
    • A certification agency for personnel and experts particularly for specialist staff inthe field of welding engineering, joining and testing technique as well as the field of inspection and safety engineering;
    • A laboratory of strength for material testing, determination of mechanical and technological properties and component testing, especially in the domain of welding and engineering and joining technique.